Following eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping or semi-permanent make-up, a little home care may be necessary.

To make things easier for you, we have selected excellent quality accessories that are as smart as they are essential.

Some of these little accessories will be provided free of charge during your first treatment.

Black lash-cleaning brush AdR®

Designed for eyelash extensions

A soft, flat brush that removes impurities and make-up and prolongs the life of eyelash extensions.
This brush is used withSkinClinic Cleansing GelorCleansing Foam.

CHF 14.-

• Brush + Cleansing Gel 100 ml Duo: CHF 35-

• Brush + Cleansing Foam 50 ml Duo: CHF 29-
• Brush + Cleansing Foam 150 ml Duo: CHF 39-

Eyelash and eyebrow brush AdR®

Perfect for eyelash extensions

Brush for eyelashes and eyebrows, synthetic fibres.
Essential for the beauty and shaping of the eyebrows and to separate the lashes, even with eyelash extensions.

CHF 12.-

3D sleep mask

This 3D sleep mask is your partner of choice to protect your lashes while you sleep.

It is made in ultra-light (13 g) polyester and towelling, and fitted with a convex shell over the eyes to protect your lashes.

For use at home or when travelling.

Colours: black, blue, leopard, purple, pink

CHF 7,5-

Universal eyelash curler AdR®

For perfectly curled lashes
Specially designed for very straight eyelashes

This AdR eyelash curler, may look an instrument of torture, but it is undoubtedly the most effective and easy to handle eyelash curler.
Just like traditional eyelash curlers, which curl all the lashes in one go, the AdR eyelash curler allows you to curl all your eyelashes at the same time but also to curl section by section (outer, centre, inner).
This accuracy is very useful especially for very straight eyelashes and for curling outer lashes and tiny lashes.
The silicone pad ensures that eyelashes are not broken.

CHF 14.-

Position your fingers at the very end of the eyelash curler.
Position the red silicone pad below the upper lashes.
Bring the eyelash curler as close as possible to the base of the eyelashes and exert sustained pressure.

To curl the lower lashes, turn the eyelash curler over and position the silicone pad over the lower lashes and apply sustained pressure.