About us

It is because the eyes are the window to the soul that they are the centre of all our attentions. We constantly pamper them, applying mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow and shaping our brows in order to feel more beautiful, desirable, intriguing, or simply more ourselves!
We all dream of enhancing our eyes to suit our style and personality, ensuring they are exquisite from sunrise to sunset, with minimal effort. Today, with Atelier du Regard®, this dream has become a reality.

Atelier du Regard® is a concept that makes your eyes the centre of attention!

Due to our perfect command of the latest semi-permanent make-up techniques (micropigmentation), lash extensions (individual lashes, Russian Volume 3D), tinting, lash lifts, semi-permanent mascara and plucking, together with an acute aesthetic and artistic sense, Atelier du Regard® will sculpt you a made-to-measure look which respects your personality, desires and high standards.

This promise is based on solid experience. In 2007, the well-known American company Lavish Lashes Inc. presented the innovative semi-permanent individual eyelash extension technique for the first time. It was at this time, in partnership with Lavish Lashes Inc., that the founder of Atelier du Regard®, Ana Braica, entered the extraordinary world of eye enhancement.

Since then, Ana has constantly been improving her technique, training alongside recognised professionals, and looking for and selecting products from around the world to offer high-quality and innovative treatments, ensuring, first and foremost, a quality service and customer safety.

Ana has passed her passion and know-how on to numerous people in Switzerland and Europe during collaborations with training centres and companies such as Beauty Swiss Concept.

Atelier du Regard® chooses its partners very carefully. They are all trained by Ana over an extended period of time to ensure they always offer flawless treatments, in line with the high quality standards expected by Atelier du Regard®.

When you entrust Atelier du Regard® with your lashes and brows, you can be sure you will find an expert, attentive ear and that your eyes will be enhanced in the way they deserve.